Exclusive success of Dimitar Iliev-Petar Stoychev in rally Bulgaria-2019


After about 155 km in the 16 special stages of the 50th Rally Bulgaria, Dimitar Iliev - Petar Stoychev recorded a wonderful result of 1.23: 44.3 h. The pilot won the most prestigious rally in Bulgaria for the third time, but the first two triumphs were with Yanaki Yanakiev, and his third victory come with a co-pilot - an absolute rookie in the rally sport. The World Champion in Marathon Swimming and Ice-Waters Petar Stoychev endured the competition exam and entered among the rally-elite. Iliev won two Special Stages on the first day, in one match with his main rival Miroslav Angelov. On the second day, Boila Auto Motorsport (BAMS) crew attacked from the morning and was 4 times fastest in the stages. At the passing of the decisive SS Sindel, Megaport pilot Miro Angelov made a mistake when entering from the macadam section to the asphalt and that led Iliev to the top. Though Miro won the power-stage (Sindel's second pass), he failed to get Mitko back.

Being accustomed to his car Škoda Fabia R5, Miroslav Angelov was leading on the first day, but he has not managed to gain a lead. The points earned by Sindel 2 remain a little consolation for Angelov and his co-pilot Eddie Sivov.

The third in the official final classification, just as expected, was the Romanian crew Dan Girtofan - Tudor Marza (also with Skoda Fabia R5), which remained at 2: 07.6 min. The things for them could look different if on the first day their mechanics did not make a mistake in the Shumen service zone and did not get punished. Still, they succeeded in stopping him and successfully attacking Yordan Atanasov - Yanaki Yanakiev with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. Varna-boys spent the first day in the top three, but the old technique was not able to score strength with the R5s.

The Cup of Todor Slavov's name went to the young hope Dennis Stanchovski, perhaps with the most awards were the girls with Honda Civic. Diana Stoyanova and Ivanela Ivanova admired the audience with a wonderful performance. The most attractive Kostadin Shterev with Subaru Impresa also left with a cup.

For the action-packed racing mileage speaking the fact that nearly half of the pilots and pilots finished with scratched and sick throats. After the finale Dan Girtofan received penalty of 10sec added time, because missing element at 16 CE. With three hundred euros were punished the teams of Miro Angelov and Andrey Girtofan because they made donats after the final of special stage, but before the stop, which is not allowed.

The team ranking: BAMS again on the ladder, this time on the third stage, the second step was for the Varna Flat Out and the Megaport boys were at the top.

Rally Bulgaria-2019 is already in history. For the teams, they had to analyze their performance, repair the cars and prepare for the next race. The start of the national rally championship has already been given.

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